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How do I choose a private coach?

Private coaches play an important part in your child's skating journey and their personal growth. It's vital to find the right fit for your skater.

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What can I expect on the first day of class?

On the first day of class, expect your skater to fall! Even though it may look easy for the instructors or other skaters, your skater is learning something completely new, and it won't be easy for them at first! Arrive early! Plan for the 15 minutes or so it will take to familiarize yourself with the rink, dress your skater in their cold-weather gear, and lace up skates. If your skater is in a Snowplow class, or possibly even Basic 1, instructors will most likely start the class off the ice. Instructors will spend a good third of class time or so teaching skaters how to walk, balance, and "get up" off the ground. That way, when they try it on the ice, it will be easier because they know how to do it on the ground. If your skater is young (i.e. in a Snowplow or Basic 1 class), it's normal for them to want to get off the ice at times. Usually, they just want to check in with you, and make sure you're watching their progress! If your skater is in the Snowplow or Basics levels, it's part of the curriculum for Instructors to play games with their students! Don't worry that it's a waste of time - all of the games are designed for the skaters to learn a skill - even though it may not look like much from the stands. Some games focus on balance and body awareness, or incorporate new skills that they've learned. Others focus on mastering old skills while encouraging friendships between classmates!


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