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Recording Process for Virtual Testing
We do not provide refunds, transfers or credits for any reason.
Make sure you are following all directi
ons to ensure your video is accepted.

Record Horizontally.

Videos will not be accepted if recorded vertically (upright).

The videographer should stand on one of the sides of the middle (red) line (near the boards). See the USFSA instruction document for further clarification.

Keep the skater in frame.

Keep the skater in the middle of the screen at all times. Zoom in on the skater when they get far away.

Show the date and time stamp.

Use another phone or the rink clock to show the date and time when recording the test.

All test videos must fit the 14 day requirement (videos cannot be recorded more than 14 days before the test deadline)

Have a proctor present & fill out forms.

The proctor must be an unbiased person of authority, and verify that the skater present took the test.

Have the skater announce themselves.

Record the skater announcing their name and the test that they're taking. 

No stopping or distractions.

The video should consist of one recording only. For moves in the field tests, keep the rink quiet, and leave the video filming. Allow the skater 10 seconds between each move.

No more than 8 skaters should be present while the test is being recorded.

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