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It's the first day of class. What do I do?

Arrival: Arrive 15 minutes early to the rink - Located at 5000 Forestwood Dr, Parma OH 44134. This will give you time to get your skater ready, familiarize yourself with the rink, and know what class your skater is in.

Attire: Make sure to dress warmly and in comfortable, stretchy layers. Don't forget to bring gloves! 

Skates: You can wear your own skates if you have them, or rent them at the City Skate Desk in the main lobby. Rentals cost $5.00 (cash only). Make sure your skates fit comfortably! Comfortable skates = fun classes!

Classes: Check the Instructor/Class signs to see what class your skater should be in. Listen closely when Instructors call your skater and their level! (If your skater is a beginner over 5, they will be in Basic 1. If your skater is a beginner under 4, they will be in Snowplow 1).

What does my skater wear?

Wear many layers!

Your skater should be comfortable and warm, but still be able to take a few layers off in case they get too warm! Opt for leggings or athletic joggers instead of bulky snow attire.


Aim for thinner, long socks, such as nylons or thin cotton. Avoid thick, bulky socks! They will be uncomfortable and bunch up in your skates.

Wear a helmet!

Skaters who are in the Snowplow or Basic 1 levels should wear a helmet. Make sure it's properly secured and snug!


Beginner skaters who don't have their own skates can rent skates at the front desk! Make sure they fit snugly! Lace the skates tightly and, if there's excess, wrap the laces back down the hooks - not around the top of the skate!


All skaters should wear gloves when on the ice. Aim for mittens or regular gloves - no furry gloves (the fur sticks to the ice)! Even if your hands aren't cold, the gloves protect your hands from the rough ice.

Scarves & Hats!

If you decide to wear a scarf or hat, make sure it's relatively thin and won't get in the way while you're skating! 

What can I expect on the first day of class?

On the first day of class, expect your skater to fall! Even though it may look easy for the instructors or other skaters, your skater is learning something completely new, and it won't be easy for them at first! Arrive early! Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before class starts. It will take time to familiarize yourself with the rink, dress your skater in their cold-weather layers, and lace up skates. If your skater is in Snowplow 1, Basic 1, Adult 1 or Hockey 1, instructors will most likely start the class off the ice. On the first day, Instructors will spend a good third of class time or so teaching skaters how to walk, balance, and "get up" off the ground. That way, when they try it on the ice, it will be easier because they know how to do it on the ground. If your skater is young (i.e. in a Snowplow or Basic 1 class), it's normal for them to want to get off the ice at times. Usually, they just want to check in with you, and make sure you're watching their progress! If your skater is in the Snowplow or Basics levels, it's part of the curriculum for Instructors to play games with their students! All of the games are designed for the skaters to learn a skill - even though it may not look like much from the stands. Some games focus on balance and body awareness, or incorporate new skills that they've learned. Others focus on mastering old skills while encouraging friendships between classmates! Before or after class, there will be 30 minutes of designated practice time for your skater to practice what they learned. Encourage your skater to stay and practice so that they will be able to improve at a quicker rate and build friendships! Skaters who practice outside of the lesson advance quicker than skaters who don’t.

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