Learn to Skate in our LTS USA program!

Located at 5000 Forestwood Dr, Parma, OH 44129, we offer classes on Thursdays from 6-7pm. Skaters must be able to demonstrate emotional stability during lessons. Class time includes both lesson instruction and important practice time. 

Class sizes are limited to small sizes per instructor and assistant. Skaters will receive a progress sheet with their badge and certificates after completion of their level. It's important to note that all skaters will progress in their skills at different times. What may seem easy for one child, may be more challenging for anther. It's important to encourage skaters and help them understand that it's very common to repeat levels.


In our Learn to Skate USA program, skaters will Learn to Skate in a United States Figure Skating Association sanctioned program with USFSA certified instructors.


The fundamentals of Learn to Skate USA form a strong foundation for your skaters to explore the world of skating. All skaters in Learn to Skate will progress at their own pace, working towards mastering each skill. FUNdamentals harness those skills as agility, balance, coordination and speed become the main focus of the Learn to Skate USA curriculum.

They’ll also:

  • Enjoy a greater appreciation for exercise

  • Broaden their imaginations

  • Form lasting friendships 

  • Grow confidence

  • Focus on their strengths

  • HAVE FUN! Lots and lots of FUN!!

  • Learn to overcome challenges on the ice, to achieve their goals off of it  

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Easy 2 Step Process:

STEP 1: In order to sign up for classes, you'll need to purchase an annual USFSA LTS membership first Skip this step if you already purchased the annual LTS USA Membership on Entryeeze. 



  1. Click on the Purchase Membership button below

  2. Click on Apply for Membership and follow the prompts

  3. Click Apply/Renew

  4. Choose Learn to Skate Membership next to Skater

  5. Click Upgrade

  6. Add to cart then check out

STEP 2: Already a USFSA LTS Member? Or if you just purchased the USFSA LTS membership, buy LTS contracts below.


Our classes run 6 weeks. 

  1. Click on the Buy Classes button below

  2. Sign into your Entryeeze account

  3. Click Contract Ice, Browse and Purchase and choose your LTS sessions

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