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Ice Show 

Heather Galgas (Chairman) Committee Members: Corey Gray, FSC Board

Helps with anything related to the ice show.

Ice Show Mementos- Lori Margevicius


Jodi Higgins, Corey Gray, Jackie Gray

Provides a list of upcoming test dates, approves test applications, and maintains communications with testing clubs and signs for home club members wishing to test. Schedules Test dates, Obtains judges, coordinates refreshments for Judges. 


Committee Members: Eddie Kiraly, Jackie Gray, Stefanie Puma

Gets all info ready for next year’s nominees.

Fundraising / Grants

 Russ Bailey & Jodi Higgins Co-Chairs Committee Members: FSC Board


In charge of Fundraising, seeking out ways to bring money into the club.  Also helps to obtain grants for the club in accordance with our 501©3 Rules. 


Jackie Gray (Chairman) Committee Members: Jodi Higgins

Processes Club memberships with the USFSA, looks for ways to increase membership within the club. 


Heather Galgas (Chairman) Committee Members: Corey Gray

    Communicates with club pros 

Spirit Wear 

Jackie Gray (Chairman) Committee Members: Diane Bulanda


Handles the club team outfits, club jackets and individual spirit wear. 

Learn to Skate 

Learn to Skate USA Committee - Heather Galgas (Chairman) Committee Members: Corey Gray, Jodi Higgins, and Nickie Kubit- Administrator

    Promotes, coordinates and Heads up Learn to Skate USA. Coordinates activities for National Skating Week. 


Diane Bulanda (Chairman) Committee Members: Jodi Higgins, Nickie Kubit, Eddie Kiraly, Stefanie Puma

In charge of acquiring low cost healthy snacks / drinks in club room, posting results and making good luck posters for skaters who are competing.  Sends cards/ flowers for Special occasions, death, injury and sickness and birthdays. 

Ice Monitor

Jackie Gray (Chairman) Committee Members: Eddie Kiraly, Jodi Higgins


Coordinates the Monitors and sets up Acuity for Freestyle sessions. Maintains accurate records for Freestyle Sessions and club ice. 

Social Media

Corey Gray (Chairman) Committee Members: Jackie Gray


Maintains website and social media content

Safe Skate 

Eddie Kiraly (Chairman) Committee Members: Jackie Gray


Maintains safe surroundings for skaters and families.