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How to Sign Up:

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Sign up in 2 Easy Steps!

STEP 1: In order to sign up for classes, first, you'll need to purchase an annual US Figure Skating Learn to Skate membership. Skip this step if you already purchased the LTS USA Membership on Entryeeze!


Cost: $25 

  1. Click on the "Purchase Membership" button below

  2. Click on "Apply for Membership" and follow the prompts

  3. Click "Apply/Renew"

  4. Choose "Learn to Skate Membership" next to skater's name

  5. Click "Upgrade"

  6. Click "Add to Cart" then check out


STEP 2: Already a USFSA LTS Member? Or if you just purchased the USFSA LTS membership, buy your LTS sessions below. Our classes are once a week, and run for six weeks at a time. 

Cost: classes will go on sale in July and fill fast. Please watch for information to come soon.

1. Click on the "Buy Classes" button 
2. Sign into your Entryeeze account. 
3. Click "Contract Ice" > "Browse and Purchase"
and choose your LTS sessions

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