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Our Mission Statement:

"Our mission is to empower skaters to achieve their fullest potential and skating goals within a club that values their dreams, self-confidence, and abilities. We also aim to foster a love for figure skating and positive sportsmanship among our skaters, parents, and coaches."

Marble Surface

Forestwood Skating Club

Celebrating over 62 Years!

Learn how to skate in a safe, fun environment from our certified professionals!


Buy a season pass! Practice your skating skills and prepare for competitions, test sessions, and ice shows!

Outdoor Ice Skating Rink

Perform in our Christmas Exhibition, and enjoy the family & friends open skate!

"Forestwood is the most amazing and thoughtful skating club I've ever seen or been apart of. They care about every single skater and family that walks through their doors. The atmosphere is just one of a kind and like something you've never seen before. Out of my 15 years of skating, I'm truly amazed by the club and their dedication."



5000 Forestwood Drive, Parma Ohio 44134

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