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Virtual Testing FAQs

Can my coach proctor my test?

No. Your proctor must be an impartial (unbiased) person of authority. Someone you could use as a proctor includes rink management, skating director or local skating official. The proctor cannot have coached the skater or be a training mate/parent/guardian that is biased towards the skater.

What does the skater wear?

The skater should wear proper attire for testing, just like they would in person. 

Where can my skater "test"?

Testers are responsible for arranging their own ice. Skaters (or skater's parents/guardians) should check ice rules for their rink to be sure that virtual testing is allowed. Early morning or empty day times are ideal.

Is the standard the same?

Yes - this should be treated exactly like a real test session in regard to test standard and the skater's outfit.

Where can permission forms from my club be sent?
When do I get results?

Results will be sent to the skater's coach via email immediately after the judges have returned them to the club. The time when results are returned to the club varies from judge to judge.

How many times can the test be recorded?

The test can be recorded as many times as needed, but the recording process should only be started once the skater has an extremely strong and ready test. Also, only one video can be submitted.

Who will record my skater's video?

Testers are responsible for organizing their own videographer. The videographer can be anyone including a professional, coach, another skater or someone who is skilled at recording. 

When should my skater's test be recorded?

Skaters should aim to record their tests as soon as possible after the test sign-up (as long as it is within the 30-day guideline), given that the test is ready to be taken. Recording early allows for unexpected errors, video upload issues, and even re-recordings if needed.

Send all club permission forms (not the affadavit or likeness and consent forms) to 

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